International / Global: Business
A Bachelor's in Business/Global Business Management will prepare you to interact in the business world on a global scale. You will learn how to take business principles and integrate them across international boundaries. The coursework will address the concerns of international laws and regulations regarding business and trade, including issues of labor laws, tariffs, and currency. You will develop your knowledge of how technology, ethics, and culture affect marketing and trade. Your studies will also include introductions into business management, communications, marketing, and accounting principles.

By completing the studies involved in this major, you will have a more complete understanding of how business is conducted on an international level. You will possess a greater sensitivity toward the business regulations and cultural practices of foreign countries, as well as a broader knowledge of how to utilize technology in conducting international business.

This major will prepare you for:

Education in this field allows you a host of opportunities on the international business level: international banking officer, international economist, cultural advisor, Import compliance specialist, international trade specialist, and working for the government in regulating trade.

You can also pursue more specialized international business degrees to make yourself more marketable. Areas of possible further study include financial management, marketing, non-profit management, and numerous others. Being multi-lingual is often a significant plus. One should also expect a large amount of travel and/or long work days, depending on the position.

Careers Available for this program:
International Economist
International marketing and sales manager
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