Information Systems: Business
A Bachelor's in Business/Information Systems will train you to use modern technology to enhance the efficiency and productivity of a business. You will focus on a working knowledge of a wide range of computer systems that manage, store, and transmit information. These may include anything from small databases to large worldwide networks. You will obtain a detailed and functional knowledge of how these systems work and how they are utilized by businesses in the areas of communication and marketing. Included in your studies will be the basics of the financial, managerial, and legal elements of business. Your communication skills will also be developed, enabling you to better prepare reports and transmit information that the employees and upper management need in order to maximize their efforts and potential.

By completion of the coursework you will have a wide-ranging knowledge of how businesses utilize modern technology to increase the availability of information and the timeliness in which it is delivered. You will be adept at assembling and presenting information on a variety of business issues when called upon.

This major will prepare you for:

This major opens the door to management in fields of the technology that keeps businesses functioning at a high level. Opportunities for jobs/careers include: Information systems management, Computer programming, Computer systems analyst, Database administrations, Software engineering, Computer support specialist, and Disaster data-recovery.

Opportunities for further education in these specific areas at the master's and Ph.D. levels are also available, qualifying you for jobs in upper management of information systems, or in areas such as marketing, human resources management, or sales management.

Careers Available for this program:
Business Reengineering
IT Management
IT Security
Project Management
Software Development
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Mt Sierra
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