Hospitality Management: Business
A Bachelor's in Business/Hospitality Management prepares you to succeed in the arena of businesses that cater to and/or house their guests/clients. Management of hotels, resorts, casinos, etc. all fall under the umbrella of this major. You will learn much of what is involved in lodging, food, and beverage management, facilities management, tourism, and events and recreation planning. Included are details of how these systems operate, as well as the laws and regulations regarding these same systems. You will also develop strong written and verbal interpersonal skills in light of the significant amount of public relations that jobs in this area demand. Also included in your studies will be basic business disciplines such as accounting and marketing. The emphasis will be on combining exceptional customer service with knowledge of how these types of businesses function.

By the completion of the coursework you will have a basic understanding of what it takes to efficiently run a hospitality-based business. You will further know how best to interact with employees and customers to provide the highest levels of customer service.

This major will prepare you for:

Hospitality management gives you a step up in a number of management positions in the higher levels of customer service, including: Hotel, resort, or casino management, Businesses focusing on tourists, and Catering.

Possibilities for further education and specialization are obtainable with a master's or Ph.D. Available options include food and beverage management, tourism, event planning, etc., or more general business subjects such as marketing or administration.

Careers Available for this program:
Banquet Management
Card Room Management
Catering Management
Food and Beverage Director
Front Desk Management
Guest Services Management
Hotel Management
Meeting/Event Planning/Management
Restaurant Management
Room Reservations Management
Special Events Management
Travel Coordination/Management
Wedding Management
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