Finance: Business
A Bachelor's in Business/Finance prepares you to understand and interact with the financial systems in place in the world today. Areas of focus will include financial markets, taxation, and accompanying laws and regulations. You will learn what drives the economy at macro and micro levels and how to analyze the market and the financial states of businesses. From there you will develop your ability to predict the potential of businesses as well as the most advantageous ways to invest money at any given point in time. Basics of accounting, business communication, and management will also be studied, giving you a well-rounded understanding of how businesses function in all areas.

With the coursework in this major completed, you will have a solid understanding of the ins and outs of the financial system, from the small business level to the world market level. You will be adept at analyzing financial history, trends, and current events to make predictions as to where people should be investing their money.

This major will prepare you for:

With a business/financial degree, the financial world opens up for you. Jobs/careers become available in the following areas: Corporate financial management, Financial consulting/planning, Commercial and investment banking, Money management, and Insurance.

A number of opportunities to further your education are also available. You could get a master's in a number of business disciplines, go to law school, or get a Ph.D. and teach at the collegiate level or conduct research.

Careers Available for this program:
Agent Licensing
Appraisal Management
Bank Teller
Banking and Commercial Loan Processing
Banking and Commercial Loan Workout
Bond Sales Management
Bond Trading Management
Business Banking Relationship Manager
Check Processing Management
Checking/Debit Card Business Management
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Trust Officer
Claims Analysis Management
Commercial Credit Analysis
Consumer Credit Analysis/Management
Consumer Loan Collection Management
Consumer Loan Processing Management
Consumer Loan Quality Assurance
Corporate Insurance Management
Credit and Collections Management
Credit Risk Management
Discount Brokerage Management
Escrow Officer
Estate Planning
Financial Associate
Financial Systems Management
Float Analysis/Management
Floor Broker
Foreclosure Management
Foreign Exchange Trading/Management
Fraud Detection/Prevention
Funding Management
International Controller
Investment Analysis/Management
IRA Services
Lending Examination
Letter of Credit Officer
Loan Review
Loan Workout Officer
Merchant Card Customer Service
Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis/Management
Middle Market Lending
Mortgage Collection Management
Mortgage Credit Analysis/Management
Mortgage Loan Funding Management
Mortgage Loan Processing Management
Mortgage Loan Servicing Management
Mortgage Operations
Mortgage Quality Assurance
Network Billing Systems Analysis/Management
Online Banking Management
Pension Administration
Portfolio Management
Private Banking Management
Securities Analysis
Stock Broker
Trader (bonds, stock options, securities, etc.)
Trust Management
Venture Capitalist
Wireless Transfer Management
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