Adult Education and Training: Education
The Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education and Training brings teaching and educating principles to a whole new level. The program is designed to provide those individuals interested in adult education with an effective skill set that will help them thrive in any organization. This degree draws a wide variety of applicants as it can be applied to all walks of life. The crux of this degree is taking standard teaching methods and showing how to adjust these techniques and apply them to adult education. There is no specific emphasis on an exact type of adult education but students are rather equipped with the current theories and methods of today. Students will also receive extensive training in the variety of teaching methods and familiarize themselves with the different tools used for each moment. Mentoring and coaching courses are also offered and students find these extremely useful.

This major will prepare you for:

This major will help you gain adult teaching positions in a variety of organizations. There really is a great diversity to what you can accomplish with this degree. Graduates often work in corporate training programs or at community colleges. Since the training you received will emphasize a wide range of training methods you can apply them to almost any field you want. Some graduates also use this degree, and their course work in mentoring and coach, to become life coaches and motivational speakers. The beauty of this degree is that you will understand how to effectively teach adults and that ability is desired within almost every organization.

Careers Available for this program:
Curriculum Specialist
Daycare Center Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
School Principal
School Superintendent
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