Administration and Supervision: Education
The Master of Arts in Education/Administra tion and Supervision degree is intended for educators who already have years of experience in schools and who are looking to move into school administration. The program delves into all the appropriate areas of school administration and prepares students to graduate and move from teaching to administrating. Students will gain expertise in the areas relevant to administrating a school, public or private. Course offerings will deal with basic administrative theory and then move into school laws, financing and disciplinary methods. Students learn through a compare/contrast method and are asked to evaluate different theories and methods and evaluate which theory they believe to be best. The MAE/AS major is ideal for up and coming teachers ready to put their skill set towards administrating schools.

This major will prepare you for:

The purpose of the MAE/AS is to prepare current teachers and educators to step into administrative roles at their own campuses or different campuses. Graduates often become vice-principals or principals at their schools. Some even move into the district offices and work for the overall school administration. Those who graduate and pursue private schools can expect principal-level positions. These graduates often work as deans or presidents for these private schools. A nice aspect of this degree is that you can move into administration at any schooling level. You can become a college dean or an elementary school principal. The degree provides you with the tools and then you apply them to your own passions.

Careers Available for this program:
Curriculum Specialist
Daycare Center Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
School Amdinistrator
School Principal
School Superintendent
Choose from the following schools:
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