Software Engineering: Information Technology
A Bachelor's in Information Technology/Software Engineering will teach you in ins and outs of designing and implementing software and programming solutions to a myriad of business information system needs or problems that may come your direction. The coursework will concentrate on developing your problem-solving skills using analytical and critical thinking, logic, and a good deal of math and statistics. You will learn programming languages that allow you to construct applications and systems to address any issues that require attention. Strong teamwork and communication skills are developed, as group problem solving is common in this industry. You will also study the effect of software engineering has on the business world, as well as the increasingly relevant issue of information/data security.

By completion of the coursework you will possess a solid understanding of computer programming and the designing and implementing of software applications and systems that are tailored to specific needs. Your analytical thinking, problem-solving, and communications skills will see development as well.

This major will prepare you for:

The development of technology and its use in the business world has created a number of jobs in the realm of software engineering, including: software publishing/engineering for almost any business, especially in relation to finances, the market, and the economy, information system management, computer systems design, and the development of internet and telecommunication applications/systems.

Further education at the master's or Ph.D. level in any of these or other information technology areas or other business disciplines such as marketing or administration allow for upper management position jobs in the business world.

Careers Available for this program:
Applications Engineer
Client Server/Programmer
Data Architect
GUI Programmer
Interface Designer
Mainframe Programmer
Midrange Programmer
Operating Systems Programmer
Project Engineer
Software Engineer
Systems Architect
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