Administration: Healthcare
A Bachelor's in Health Administration gives you the knowledge base to work in administration in a hospital or health care facility. You will study topics such as health care economics, health statistics/research, health information systems, healthcare-related ethics, and more. Crisis management, customer services, and human resource management will also receive some attention. The other aspect of this major is the business element, where you will learn leadership and communication skills, as well as the basics of management, marketing, finance, and law as they relate to the healthcare industry. The essence of this degree is a business management degree with a strong slant toward the medical industry.

By completion of the coursework you will have a basic knowledge base of how efficient and effective administration is conducted in the healthcare industry. You will also be well trained in the communication, leadership, and teamwork abilities that accompany a management-level position in any type of company.

This major will prepare you for:

This major will allow you a number of entry-level opportunities in the healthcare industry, including: hospital administration, private medical office management, human resources, and public relations.

This degree does not necessarily limit you to the healthcare industry. You will still be qualified for other various management positions that may be available in other businesses. A master's or Ph.D. in healthcare administration or other managerial business discipline will open the door for higher-level administrative positions within the healthcare industry and business world.

Careers Available for this program:
Activity Director
Admissions Management
Adult Day Care Director
Ambulatory Services Director
Behavioral Health Director
Bereavement Coordinator
Breast Center Manager
Cancer Treatment Center Director
Cardiology Management
Case Worker
Central Supply Supervisor
Chemical Dependency Director
Chief Medical Librarian
Child Care Center Director
Client Services Director
Clinical Operations Manager
Clinical Outcomes Analysis/Management
Clinical Research Coordinator
Critical Care Director
Diagnosis Related Group Coordinator
Diagnostic Imaging Manager
Discharge Coordinator
Emergency Services Director
Employee Health Services Manager
Fitness Center Director
Head of Ancillary Services
Health Information Services Director
Healthcare Professional Service Director
Healthcare Support Services Director
Home Care Operations Director
Home Care Program Director
Hospice Director
House Supervisor
Intake Coordinator
Laboratory Services Director
Managed Care Coordinator
Maternity Service Director
Medical Staff Coordinator
Member Services Management
Nuclear Medicine Director
Nursing Director
Nursing Education Director
Nursing Home Administration
Nutrition Director
Obstetrics/Gynecology Director
Occupational Medicine Director
Occupational Therapy Director
Operating Room Service Director
Outpatient Services Director
Outpatient Surgery Director
Patient Safety Management
Pharmacy Director
Physical Therapy Director
Physician Relations Director
Provider Network Management
Psychological Services Director
Quality Management Director
Radiology Director
Recreational Therapy Director
Rehabilitation Services Management
Reimbursement Services Management
Renal Dialysis Director
Respiratory Therapy Director
Revenue Cycle Director
Risk Management Director
Safety Director
Social Services Director
Speech and Language Pathology Director
Substance Abuse Center Director
Utilization Management Director
Volunteer Service Director
Wound Care Services Director
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