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Accounting: Business
Administration and Supervision: Education
Administration: Business
Administration: Criminal Justice
Administration: Healthcare
Adult Education and Training: Education
Animation: Art & Design
Business Systems Analysis: Information Technology
Communication: Business
Communications: Communications
Computer Education: Education
Computer-Aided Design/Architectural Drafting: Art & Design
Curriculum and Instruction: Education
Early Childhood Education: Education
e-Business: Business
Elementary Education: Education
English and Language Arts Education: Education
English as a Second Language: Education
Family Nurse Practitioners: Nursing
Finance: Business
Game Art & Design: Art & Design
Game Art: Art & Design
Graphic Design & Multimedia: Art & Design
Health Administration: Nursing
Hospitality Management: Business
Human Resource Mangament: Business
Information Systems Security: Information Technology
Information Systems: Business
Information Technology: Information Technology
Interior Design: Art & Design
International / Global: Business
IT Support: Information Technology
Management: Business
Management: Human Services
Marketing: Business
Mathematics Education: Education
Middle Level Specialization: Education
Multimedia and Visual Communication: Information Technology
Networking and Telecommunications: Information Technology
Nursing: Nursing
Organizational Innovation: Business
Organizational Security and Management: Criminal Justice
Paralegal: Criminal Justice
Psychology: Psychology
Public Administration: Business
Retail Management: Business
Secondary Education: Education
Small Business Mgt/ Entrepreneurship: Business
Software Engineering: Information Technology
Special Education: Education
Teacher Leadership: Education
Visual Communication: Art & Design
Web Design & Multimedia: Art & Design
Web Development: Information Technology
3D Animator 30k - 65k USD
Account Manager 70k - 125k USD
Accounting/Controlling 35k - 240k USD
Accounts Payable/Receivable Management 30k - 100k USD
Activity Director 25k - 45k USD
Actuary 45k - 350k USD
Administrative Assistant 25k - 55k USD
Administrative Services Manager 60k - 85k USD
Admissions Management 35k - 105k USD
Adult Day Care Director 50k - 100k USD
Advertising and Design Coordinator 35k - 60k USD
Advertising Management 55k - 230k USD
Agent Licensing 25k - 90k USD
Ambulatory Services Director 80k - 240k USD
Applications Engineer 40k - 150k USD
Applications Systems Analysis/Management 40k - 110k USD
Appraisal Management 70k - 125k USD
Architectural Drafter 30k - 55k USD
Art Director 60k - 155k USD
Art Services 50k - 90k USD
Auditor 40k - 230k USD
Bank Teller 20k - 50k USD
Banking and Commercial Loan Processing 25k - 80k USD
Banking and Commercial Loan Workout 80k - 160k USD
Banking Operations Department Management 30k - 70k USD
Banquet Management 25k - 55k USD
Behavioral Health Director 80k - 255k USD
Benefits Administrator 30k - 75k USD
Benefits Analysis/Management 35k - 190k USD
Bereavement Coordinator 35k - 70k USD
Billing Supervisor 35k - 75k USD
Bond Sales Management 35k - 170k USD
Bond Trading Management 65k - 225k USD
Branch Management 40k - 270k USD
Breast Center Manager 55k - 90k USD
Budget Analysis/Management 35k - 195k USD
Business Banking Management 80k - 160k USD
Business Banking Relationship Manager 30k - 125k USD
Business Development 65k - 350k USD
Business Office Management 40k - 100k USD
Business Reengineering 30k - 190k USD
Business Systems Analysis 35k - 120k USD
Cancer Treatment Center Director 80k - 150k USD
Card Room Management 50k - 110k USD
Cardiology Management 70k - 140k USD
Case Manager 50k - 120k USD
Case Worker 35k - 50k USD
Cash Flow Analyst 30k - 50k USD
Cash Management 60k - 215k USD
Catering Management 30k - 90k USD
Central Supply Supervisor 35k - 70k USD
Certified Nurse Anesthetist 125k - 190k USD
Certified Nurse Midwife 75k - 100k USD
Change Management Specialist 90k - 155k USD
Channel Development Management 90k - 240k USD
Character Modeler (3D) 45k - 70k USD
Charge Nurse 50k - 85k USD
Check Processing Management 30k - 75k USD
Checking/Debit Card Business Management 40k - 70k USD
Chemical Dependency Director 65k - 115k USD
Chief Executive Officer 350k - 1000k USD
Chief Financial Officer 170k - 465k USD
Chief Medical Librarian 45k - 85k USD
Chief Trust Officer 105k - 350k USD
Child Care Center Director 45k - 85k USD
City Manager 50k - 175k USD
Claims Analysis Management 25k - 305k USD
Client Server/Programmer 40k - 120k USD
Client Services Director 50k - 80k USD
Clinical Nurse Specialist 65k - 95k USD
Clinical Operations Manager 50k - 170k USD
Clinical Outcomes Analysis/Management 40k - 210k USD
Clinical Research Coordinator 40k - 210k USD
Collateral Appraiser 40k - 110k USD
Commercial Credit Analysis 30k - 105k USD
Commercial Real Estate Manager 110k - 195k USD
Communications Editor 35k - 145k USD
Communications Manager 71k - 95k USD
Communications Representative 40k - 85k USD
Community Development Rep./Manager 30k - 145k USD
Compensation Analysis/Management 35k - 200k USD
Competitive Pricing Analyst 35k - 70k USD
Computer Operations Management 25k - 90k USD
Computer-aided design (CAD) Drafter 30k - 50k USD
Consultant 55k - 100k USD
Consumer Credit Analysis/Management 30k - 285k USD
Consumer Loan Collection Management 35k - 225k USD
Consumer Loan Processing Management 35k - 435k USD
Consumer Loan Quality Assurance 40k - 110k USD
Contract Specialist 35k - 65k USD
Controller 75k - 240k USD
Copy Writer 30k - 105k USD
Corporate Insurance Management 60k - 130k USD
Correctional Officer 30k - 55k USD
Cost Accountant 35k - 115k USD
Cost Analyst 30k - 120k USD
Creative Director 55k - 145k USD
Credit and Collections Management 30k - 225k USD
Credit Risk Management 50k - 135k USD
Critical Care Director 80k - 125k USD
Curriculum Specialist 40k - 90k USD
Customer Information Center Management 50k - 110k USD
Customer Segment Manager 80k - 125k USD
Customer Services Trainer 30k - 60k USD
Data Architect 35k - 145k USD
Data Security Analyst 45k - 125k USD
Database Analysis/Management 30k - 130k USD
Database Marketing Analysis/Management 35k - 115k USD
Daycare Center Teacher 20k - 40k USD
Department Store Manager 40k - 95k USD
Design Artist/Illustrator 25k - 50k USD
Desktop Publisher 20k - 60k USD
Diagnosis Related Group Coordinator 45k - 70k USD
Diagnostic Imaging Manager 60k - 100k USD
Director of Administration 50k - 90k USD
Director of Marketing 60k - 100k USD
Disability Service Manager 70k - 115k USD
Discharge Coordinator 30k - 75k USD
Discount Brokerage Management 50k - 150k USD
District Retail Sales Manager 55k - 115k USD
Drafter 30k - 55k USD
EAP Counselor 45k - 75k USD
EAP Management 50k - 115k USD
eBusiness Customer Service Rep. 25k - 65k USD
eBusiness Customer Support Management 55k - 115k USD
eBusiness Management 70k - 265k USD
eBusiness Marketing Analysis/Management 45k - 170k USD
eBusiness Sales Management 40k - 180k USD
eBusiness Strategy Management 80k - 190k USD
Economist 70k - 270k USD
EEO Management 45k - 235k USD
Electronic Marketing Manager 65k - 135k USD
Elementary School Teacher 35k - 70k USD
Emergency Services Director 80k - 130k USD
Employee Communications 50k - 190k USD
Employee Health Services Manager 65k - 110k USD
Employee Recruiting 30k - 215k USD
Employee Relations 35k - 210k USD
Employee Relocation 35k - 115k USD
Employee Services Management 45k - 205k USD
Employee Training 30k - 210k USD
Entrepreneur 35k - 200k USD
ER Nurse Practitioner 70k - 105k USD
ERP Analysis/Management 40k - 155k USD
Escrow Officer 20k - 60k USD
Estate Planning 50k - 210k USD
Expatriate Administration 40k - 125k USD
Family Counselor 35k - 55k USD
Field Service Engineer 25k - 135k USD
Financial Analysis 35k - 255k USD
Financial Associate 40k - 275k USD
Financial Reporting Accountant 35k - 160k USD
Financial Systems Management 45k - 240k USD
Fire Fighter 20k - 60k USD
Fire Inspector 40k - 100k USD
Fitness Center Director 50k - 105k USD
Float Analysis/Management 30k - 100k USD
Floor Broker 70k - 165k USD
Food and Beverage Director 35k - 90k USD
Foreclosure Management 30k - 95k USD
Foreign Exchange Trading/Management 20k - 320k USD
Fraud Detection/Prevention 20k - 80k USD
Front Desk Management 25k - 60k USD
Funding Management 60k - 240k USD
Government Affairs Manager 70k - 145k USD
Graphic Design Specialist 30k - 70k USD
Graphic Designer 20k - 60k USD
Guest Services Management 15k - 50k USD
GUI Programmer 50k - 110k USD
Hardware Engineer 45k - 150k USD
Head of Ancillary Services 75k - 180k USD
Health Information Services Director 75k - 130k USD
Healthcare Professional Service Director 95k - 215k USD
Healthcare Support Services Director 70k - 170k USD
Help Desk Support/Management 30k - 110k USD
Home Care Operations Director 70k - 125k USD
Home Care Program Director 70k - 110k USD
Hospice Director 70k - 125k USD
Hotel Management 45k - 150k USD
House Supervisor 60k - 90k USD
HR Assistant 25k - 55k USD
HR Generalist 35k - 105k USD
HR Management 55k - 305k USD
Human Resource Consultant 30k - 110k USD
Human Resource Manager 55k - 305k USD
Inbound/Outbound Call Center Management 50k - 260k USD
Information Service Consultant 70k - 120k USD
Information Technology Auditor 40k - 125k USD
Information Technology Management 50k - 200k USD
Intake Coordinator 25k - 40k USD
Interface Designer 65k - 155k USD
Interior Designer 25k - 50k USD
Internal Auditor 40k - 110k USD
International Controller 140k - 330k USD
International Economist 70k - 270k USD
International HR Management 80k - 155k USD
International marketing and sales manager 70k - 260k USD
Investment Analysis/Management 40k - 440k USD
IRA Services 25k - 70k USD
IT Capacity Planning 35k - 140k USD
IT Management 70k - 140k USD
IT Project Management 50k - 115k USD
IT Security 45k - 205k USD
Judge/Magistrate 135k - 175k USD
Labor Relations Specialist 40k - 195k USD
Laboratory Services Director 80k - 125k USD
Lactation Consultant 55k - 80k USD
Lead Artist 65k - 80k USD
Leasing Manager 25k - 50k USD
Lending Examination 35k - 165k USD
Letter of Credit Officer 25k - 80k USD
Licensing Manager 45k - 90k USD
Loan Review 35k - 135k USD
Loan Workout Officer 40k - 115k USD
Lobbyist 60k - 165k USD
Mainframe Programmer 40k - 135k USD
Managament Anyalyst 45k - 100k USD
Managed Care Coordinator 25k - 75k USD
Managing Editor 60k - 115k USD
Market Administration Officer 50k - 115k USD
Market Research Analysis/Management 35k - 235k USD
Marketing Assistance/Management 35k - 285k USD
Marketing Communications 40k - 105k USD
Marriage Counselor 30k - 50k USD
Maternity Service Director 75k - 125k USD
Media Buyer 40k - 75k USD
Media Management 25k - 150k USD
Media Relations 55k - 130k USD
Medical Staff Coordinator 30k - 60k USD
Meeting/Event Planning/Management 40k - 100k USD
Member Services Management 50k - 145k USD
Merchandiser 45k - 90k USD
Merchant Card Customer Service 25k - 100k USD
Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis/Management 40k - 180k USD
Middle Market Lending 30k - 405k USD
Midrange Programmer 30k - 125k USD
Mortgage Collection Management 35k - 105k USD
Mortgage Credit Analysis/Management 35k - 160k USD
Mortgage Loan Funding Management 40k - 75k USD
Mortgage Loan Processing Management 40k - 100k USD
Mortgage Loan Servicing Management 50k - 215k USD
Mortgage Operations 50k - 460k USD
Mortgage Quality Assurance 40k - 110k USD
Network Administrator 35k - 140k USD
Network Billing Systems Analysis/Management 30k - 110k USD
Network Engineer 40k - 190k USD
Network Planning Analysis/Management 40k - 240k USD
Non-Profit Agency Worker 25k - 60k USD
Nuclear Medicine Director 70k - 120k USD
Nurse Recruiter 45k - 85k USD
Nursing Director 80k - 140k USD
Nursing Education Director 70k - 130k USD
Nursing Home Administration 45k - 110k USD
Nutrition Director 55k - 85k USD
Obstetrics/Gynecology Director 100k - 455k USD
Occupational Medicine Director 70k - 120k USD
Occupational Therapy Director 70k - 105k USD
Office Manager 55k - 85k USD
Online Banking Management 40k - 80k USD
Operating Room Service Director 85k - 140k USD
Operating Systems Programmer 35k - 120k USD
Organizational Development 50k - 200k USD
Organizational Development Consultant 60k - 110k USD
Outpatient Services Director 70k - 135k USD
Outpatient Surgery Director 70k - 140k USD
Package Design Manager 70k - 140k USD
Painter/Illustrator 25k - 50k USD
Paralegal 35k - 55k USD
Parole Officer 35k - 60k USD
Patient Safety Management 40k - 100k USD
Patrol Officer 25k - 65k USD
Payroll Management 35k - 95k USD
PC Maintenance/Support 30k - 120k USD
Pension Administration 35k - 70k USD
Pharmacy Director 110k - 155k USD
Physical Therapy Director 80k - 115k USD
Physician Relations Director 60k - 120k USD
Police Sergeant 45k - 80k USD
Portfolio Management 75k - 155k USD
Print Production Management 35k - 95k USD
Privacy Director 70k - 165k USD
Private Banking Management 40k - 255k USD
Private Management Consultant 60k - 125k USD
Producer/Production Director 35k - 145k USD
Product Development Director 100k - 210k USD
Product Management 40k - 250k USD
Production Management 30k - 145k USD
Programmer 40k - 120k USD
Project Engineer 50k - 120k USD
Project Management 50k - 115k USD
Proofreader 25k - 55k USD
Provider Network Management 40k - 380k USD
Psychiatrist 130k - 220k USD
Psychological Services Director 80k - 130k USD
Psychologist 60k - 100k USD
Public Relations 30k - 270k USD
Public Relations Specialist 30k - 270k USD
Quality Assurance Game Tester 15k - 60k USD
Quality Management Director 80k - 355k USD
Radiology Director 80k - 135k USD
Recreational Therapy Director 80k - 115k USD
Registered Nurse – Critical Care Unit 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – ER 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Flight Transport 55k - 85k USD
Registered Nurse – Geriatric 50k - 65k USD
Registered Nurse – Home Care 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Infection Control 55k - 85k USD
Registered Nurse – Infusion Therapy 60k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Intensive Care Unit 50k - 70k USD
Registered Nurse – Nursing Home 45k - 60k USD
Registered Nurse – Obstetrics 50k - 70k USD
Registered Nurse – Occupational Health 50k - 80k USD
Registered Nurse – Oncology 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Operating Room 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Outpatient Care 40k - 70k USD
Registered Nurse – Psychiatric Unit 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Recovery Room 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Renal Dialysis 50k - 75k USD
Registered Nurse – Research 55k - 85k USD
Registered Nurse –Long-Term Care 45k - 70k USD
Rehabilitation Services Management 65k - 125k USD
Reimbursement Services Management 25k - 170k USD
Relationship Management 35k - 125k USD
Renal Dialysis Director 75k - 125k USD
Reporter 25k - 65k USD
Research and Development Specialist 30k - 335k USD
Respiratory Therapy Director 65k - 110k USD
Restaurant Management 30k - 105k USD
Retail Banking Management 95k - 320k USD
Retail Franchising Management 45k - 195k USD
Retail Loss Prevention Management 50k - 170k USD
Retail Manager 35k - 175k USD
Retail Pricing Analyst 35k - 70k USD
Retail Real Estate Manager 70k - 290k USD
Retail Store Design Director 75k - 175k USD
Retail Store Operations Management 35k - 355k USD
Revenue Analysis/Management 25k - 120k USD
Revenue Cycle Director 75k - 160k USD
Risk Management 45k - 235k USD
Risk Management Director 75k - 120k USD
Room Reservations Management 30k - 65k USD
Safety Director 60k - 125k USD
Safety Representative 30k - 100k USD
Sales Analyst 25k - 120k USD
Sales and Marketing Director 85k - 290k USD
Sales Estimator 40k - 85k USD
Sales Manager 80k - 120k USD
Sales Promotions Coordinator 30k - 70k USD
Sales Representative 20k - 115k USD
School Amdinistrator 50k - 140k USD
School Principal 70k - 115k USD
School Superintendent 85k - 190k USD
Scientific Artist 35k - 55k USD
Securities Analysis 45k - 135k USD
Security Administrator 45k - 205k USD
Security Guard/Manager 20k - 105k USD
Sheriff/Police Chief 80k - 105k USD
Small Business Manager 55k - 115k USD
Social Services Director 30k - 110k USD
Social Worker 40k - 65k USD
Software Development 55k - 85k USD
Software Engineer 40k - 210k USD
Special Events Management 40k - 80k USD
Speech and Language Pathology Director 70k - 115k USD
Speech Writer 50k - 110k USD
Statistician 30k - 115k USD
Stock Broker 40k - 65k USD
Strategic Planning Analysis 45k - 145k USD
Structural Drafter 35k - 60k USD
Substance Abuse Center Director 65k - 135k USD
Surveillance Operations 20k - 100k USD
Systems Administrator 50k - 110k USD
Systems Architect 80k - 125k USD
Tax Accountant 30k - 270k USD
Tax Management 45k - 270k USD
Technical Librarian 25k - 95k USD
Technical Writer 35k - 110k USD
Telecommunications Analysis/Management 35k - 200k USD
Telecommunications Engineer 40k - 130k USD
Telecommunications Management 75k - 200k USD
Test Engineer 45k - 145k USD
Trade Show Manager 40k - 100k USD
Trader (bonds, stock options, securities, etc.) 30k - 150k USD
Transplant Nurse Coordinator 60k - 85k USD
Travel Coordination/Management 30k - 130k USD
Treasury Analysis 35k - 115k USD
Treasury Analysis/Management 35k - 225k USD
Trust Management 45k - 350k USD
Urban Planner 35k - 55k USD
Utilization Management Director 60k - 110k USD
Venture Capitalist 75k - 280k USD
Videographer 30k - 95k USD
Voice Communications Analysis/Management 30k - 115k USD
Volunteer Service Director 40k - 75k USD
Web Animator 40k - 90k USD
Web Designer 30k - 95k USD
Web Editor 45k - 135k USD
Web Executive Producer 120k - 180k USD
Web Technical Producer 30k - 125k USD
Web Writer 35k - 100k USD
Website Management 60k - 135k USD
Wedding Management 30k - 70k USD
Wellness Program Management 40k - 90k USD
Wireless Transfer Management 35k - 85k USD
Wound Care Services Director 80k - 235k USD

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