25k - 55k USD
Administrative Assistant
Administrative assistants aid executives in staff capacity by coordinating office services such as personnel, budget preparation and control, housekeeping, records control, and special management studies. They analyze unit operating practices, such as recordkeeping systems, forms control, office layout, suggestion systems, personnel and budgetary requirements, and performance standards to create new systems or revise established procedures. Further analyzation includes looking at jobs to delimit position responsibilities for use in wage and salary adjustments, promotions, and evaluation of workflow.

Other duties involve coordination, collection, and preparation of operating reports, such as time-and-attendance records, terminations, new hires, transfers, budget expenditures, and statistical records of performance data. They prepare reports including conclusions and recommendations for solutions to administrative problems, issue and interpret operating policies, and review and answer correspondence. Possible further responsibilities include assisting in preparation of budget needs and annual reports of organization, interviewing job applicants, conduct orientation of new employees, planning training programs, maintenance, repair, supplies, mail, and filing/retrieving data.
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